Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp Make Hilarious Pact


| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2022

By Lily Tipton
Millie Brown, Noah Schnapp
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

Stranger Things actors Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are best friends on and off-screen. But while their young characters may be dealing with more youthful issues together, such as identity and bullying, their real-life selves are more focused on their futures. In a hilarious interview with MTV News, the teenagers revealed they have it all figured out when it comes to the future of their friendship... that is, only if they're both still single at the age of forty.

During the opening of the adorable interview, the pair instantly showed off their loving and genuine friendship with banter and laughter. "We said if we're not married by forty, we will get married together," Millie announced. "We'd be good roomies," she joked. But before fans start getting excited about a Stranger Things baby down the line, Millie and Noah cleared up that their relationship would be totally platonic with no children involved. "No kids, though, 'cause I could not deal with a child of yours," Millie jokingly snapped at Noah, who agreed that kids would be a "deal-breaker" for him as well. "Only dogs, and separate bedrooms for sure. My God, you're so messy," Millie hilariously clarified.

Noah Schnapp, Millie Brown
Rachel Murray via Getty Images for Netflix
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Schnapp and Brown have been friends for over eight years, starting out as children on season one of the Netflix phenomenon, Stranger Things. During the interview, the pair discussed how their off-screen friendship helped their on-screen relationship. "We both encourage each other and cheer each other on when we're doing well, and it's nice to have that support, and like, it was fun. I loved it," Noah explained.

Millie also pointed out that "being a young girl in the industry, it's really hard when you are constantly surrounded by male energy." She credited her best friend for helping her through the stress and explained that he always made her feel "so comfortable and empowered." "He is an amazing co-star to riff off of; he has always been my biggest supporter, cheering me on. It's really good to have boys who support girls like that," she insisted. Catch the pair as Eleven and Will in season four of Stranger Things, streaming on Netflix now!

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