Meet Pauly D's Uncanny Lookalike: Himself

Scarlett Adler

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PopCrush via Rich Polk for Getty

Like you and me, these quarantined days have just about everybody trying out new things; hobbies, haircuts, - even quarantined beards! Just ask Pauly D, who's swapped fist pumps for Friday night laughs. In fact, you'll have to see his now-viral post to believe it.

On Friday, April 24th, the quarantinedJersey Shore star debuted a typically unseen bearded self, and it's left the online world in a complete frenzy.

"Why does he look like someone who looks like DJ Pauly D?" one Twitter user joked. Sure enough, in only a matter of time, the unusual post landed heaps of likes and comments.

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"No way in hell this is Pauly D. This has got to be Pauly E. Maybe even Pauly F," another user quipped.

You see, we've watched him gym, tan, and laundry his way through our screens over the years, but we've never exactly seen him, well, like this. What do you guys think? Should he give this new look an actual shot or ditch the beard as soon as his barber reopens?

I guess we'll have to wait and find out.