Martha Stewart & Pete Davidson Meme Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/14/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
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We think it's impossible not to like Pete Davidson! What's not to love? As part of his hilarious sketch comedy and authentic personality, he has shown trust in his fans, opening up about his struggles with mental health. Davidson has caught the eye of many celebs. Recently, Martha Stewart praised him for his genuine personality - and maybe showed a little too much love...

If anyone knows how business works, it's Martha Stewart. She has seen and been through it all, from retail to journalism, to television personality, famously known for Comedy Central celebrity roasts. The 81-year-old "living mogul" definitely knows how to play the media, and we are here for it, especially when it involves Pete Davidson. Recently, Kim Kardashian and Davidson called it quits after a nine-month relationship. As sad as it was for us, the pair went their separate ways for several reasons. While most of the fanbase was heartbroken by the news, it did not take Martha long to swoop in there for a chance with SNL's finest. Hypothetically...

Martha Stewart Pete Roast
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Since the split, a particular tweet has gone viral, showing Martha planting a seed from early on, behind Kim's back or even right next to her. The trio was photographed at the pre-White House dinner. Kim stunned us in a silver gown, Pete was blocking out the haters with some cool shades, and Martha was throwing quite the shade herself! Rumors soon surfaced when co-creator of Sex and the City spin-off, Gennefer Gross, posted the picture and spotted Martha and Pete holding hands beside Kim! Is this another relationship to add to the Davidson dating hall of fame?! Jokes aside, this tweet went viral for its iconic and hilarious caption, "We should've seen this coming." While Stewart is known to be quite the jokester, fans went crazy over this fake-fueled romance. But, Martha shut down the fun rumor, praising Pete for being "a charming boy who is finding his way." Martha even told the Daily Mail, "Pete Davidson is like the son I never had," and has invited him to speak on her podcast, expressing that she is looking "forward to hearing what he has to say" post-Kim K split. So are we!

Stewart pronounced her motherly love for Davidson at the grand opening of her restaurant The Bedford by Martha Stewart at Paris Las Vegas. Following the viral tweet, which has received over 44,000 likes, she has made it clear this is a platonic relationship. They have "maintained a sweet connection" since they met in 2015 at Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber. The devil works hard, but Martha Stewart works harder. Stay tuned for Stewart's podcast!

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