Mariah Carey Announces the Start of Christmas Season With Hilarious Post

Scarlett Adler

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You better watch out, you better not cry, because if you ask Mariah Carey, Santa Klaus is officially coming to town! That's right, go grab the eggnog and stockings (underneath the Christmas tree) because the queen of Holidays is back, and well, let the countdown begin...

Mariah Carey, Christmas
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for MC

"Guess what?" the All I Want for Christmas Is You icon teased on Twitter on November 1. Of course, you already know exactly what she's talking about; If by some chance, you don't? Don't worry, she'll be very happy to remind you.

You see, sure, Halloween is fun and all, but if you ask Mariah? Forget those creepy masks and the trick-or-treating because the musical goddess has got an even bigger treat in store for us: "It's time!" Santa's helper proudly announced.

Mariah Carey, Christmas
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That's right, we might have a month+ to go, but when you've got Mariah Carey's heavenly vocals to guide you along the way, well, does it even matter? In fact, someone cue the bell chimes because this year's holiday season is officially back and better than ever!

Mariah Carey, Christmas
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In case you already forgot (we know, it's been a, um, a long year), MC might know a thing or two about vocal ranges, but she's also a pro when it comes to tracking her calendar. Yep, this isn't the first time the Christmas superfan has taken to Twitter to warn us about that intimidating Naughty List.

"Breaking News!" the festive superstar wrote last year, as she welcomed in the new month - and all of the Christmas Carols that came with it; And, well, we don't know about you guys, but suddenly we couldn't be more excited.

Mariah Carey, Christmas
YouTube via Mariah Carey

In fact, December 25 officially couldn't come sooner. Until then, go grab the milk and Gingerbread cookies while we keep you updated on all things Christmas. Something tells us we're just getting started.