Lizzo Serves Laughs As She Unveils Her Wax Doppelganger


| LAST UPDATE 02/02/2023

By Taran Underwood
lizzo wax figure viral tiktok
Anna Webber / Stringer via Getty Images

Lizzo just got her very own mini-me – and it's pretty spot on! She couldn't contain herself over the Madame Tussauds wax figure that literally looks like her twin. Talk about an out of this world experience... doubly so! Here's a closer look.

Fans of the pop star were in for a huge surprise recently when she gave them a sneak peak at her upcoming wax figure. The effervescent artist, known for her bubbly personality and larger than life performance style, couldn't contain herself when she saw it and was left swooning! She credited the incredible team at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for their skill in capturing her likeness so flawlessly, joking that she was proud to be among their beloved figures, including Alexander Hamilton and Beyonce.

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Lizzo had a mind-blowing experience at Madame Tussauds - she came face to face with a wax statue version of herself and almost went in for the kiss! She described it as one of her most "meta" moments ever. Talk about an awesomely strange date night, amirite?

@lizzo Introducing… WAXXO @madametussaudsusa ♬ original sound - Sean Anthony 💎

Lizzo claimed she has a twin! She shared snaps of herself with the impressive wax figure on TikTok and we now know what happens when Lizzo clones herself - double trouble! This talented musician can now do three times as much and it's hard to tell who's the real Lizzo and who are the replicas. Talk about a superpower! We can't wait to see what she does with all this extra power! After Madame Tussauds Berlin's not-so-convincing attempt at waxing Beyoncé, fans of Lizzo rejoiced as the museum unveiled an uncannily lifelike figure of their beloved icon - a noteworthy win in the art form!

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