LeBron James & More Team Up for Hilarious PlayStation Ad


| LAST UPDATE 11/17/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Playstation Ad LeBron Bronny
Joe Robbins via Getty Images

What happens when John Travolta, Ben Stiller, and LeBron James all link up to trade parenting advice? Well, the three fathers found they're a lot more similar than they think, as seen in the new advertisement for the PlayStation game God of War Ragnarök, the sequel to the 2018 game God of War. Earlier this month, the gaming brand debuted a hilarious ad for the launch of their latest game featuring the three Hollywood superstars with each of their children! Let's take a closer look.

In the ad, titled All Parents Can Relate, we see the rather unlikely trio sit down alongside each of their children. Travolta with daughter Ella, 22, Stiller with son Quinlin, 17, and James with son Bronny, 18. The group sits in a circle facing one another as they land on parallels between their lives as parents and that of the video game father-son dynamic, Kratos and Atreus. Stiller is hilariously dressed as Kratos throughout the three-minute clip as he explains to James and Stiller how they, too, can learn from the father-son relationship in God of War Ragnarök.

PlayStation John Travolta daughter
Instagram via @ella.blue
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"I mean, the God of War dynamic plays out in every parent-child relationship," Stiller says to the group. "When that clicked for me, I picked up my Leviathan Axe and felt truly close to my son for the first time." Quinlin simply responds, "I'm 17." Stiller then asks LeBron what he's thinking about, to which he replies, "he felt "shot in the heart" after Bronny says he'd "rather play against me than with me." Bronny then looks at his dad and responds, "I cannot believe I missed practice for this." LOL. Ouch!

Of course, we're missing one more father-daughter duo; Travolta and his daughter, Ella. Travolta admits he, too, has a Kratos outfit he bravely wore to the farmer's market to show people he's "a really great dad." Ella then notes people were actually pointing at him not for being the dad of the year, but in fact, for wearing a "buckskin loincloth." Yikes. For parents and children everywhere, nothing has ever felt so relatable than this hilarious and unexpected God of War Ragnarök commercial - and we're taking notes. Stay tuned for more laughs.

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