Get Ready to Laugh and Learn in Amy Schumer's Latest Project: 'Amy Learns To...'


| LAST UPDATE 06/28/2021

By Kayla Black
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Amy Schumer has scored another project with HBO Max, and this time there's no script holding the comedian back. But lines or no lines, this powerhouse is expected to deliver some comedy gold and maybe a few life lessons along the way.

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The project, Amy Learns To... features Schumer trying to master different crafts and skills from her husband's hometown of Martha's Vineyard. Viewers will follow Amy throughout eight 30-minute episodes as she tackles trades randing from harvesting shellfish to the housing market and home DIY repairs. And something tells us that Schumer doesn't have much of a background in many of these skills. But according to the 40-year-old stand-up comic, that's the whole point.

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"She'll meet each challenge with her signature wit, vulnerability, and willingness to try anything," the HBO press release read. And Amy echoed the sentiment, sharing her (possibly naive) excitement. "We are pumped for this," Schumer said of her latest HBO project. And the joy was shared with the network's team as well. "We are thrilled to be working with Amy again!" said Jennifer O'Connell, the executive VP of Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family. "She is sure to surprise and amaze us with her willingness to push boundaries and try something new, always with a hilarious spin."

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Amy Learns To... came following Schumer's earlier success with the network. Back in 2020, Amy starred in HBO Max's Expecting Amy, which offered an intimate look at the comedian's pregnancy journey. But this latest project will be headed by Industrial Media's The Intellectual Property Corporation on production. In addition, Amy, Kevin Kane, Eli Holzman, and Aaron Saidman will be producing. And while no release date has yet to be announced, the buzz has already started building. It seems like Schumer is going 100 miles an hour with her professional life. This most recent announcement came in the midst of another Schumer project: Life & Beth where Amy is not only starring, but also writing, directing, and serving as executive director.

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amy schumer new show
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At this rate, we recommend checking back soon for another Amy project coming your way. It looks like 2021 will be the year of Amy Schumer and we are not mad about it one bit.