Lance Bass Shares Hilarious Snaps of His Babies


| LAST UPDATE 01/31/2022

By Kayla Black
lance bass family viral
JB Lacroix / Contributor via Getty Images

Fatherhood: sure, it comes with some sleepless nights and long days, but it can also come with some priceless moments full of laughter and smiles. And it appears as though Lance Bass is focused on the funny side of fatherhood - at least that's what he's sharing with us on Instagram! So let's check out this new dad's latest LOL-moment, courtesy of his twin babies.

The 42-year-old NSYNC star has been posting some pretty entertaining posts of his three-month-old kiddos, Violet Betty and Alexander James. From oversized New Years' Eve hats to Halloween onesies, these babies have had quite the Instagram ride in their short life, but new dads Lance and Michael certainly kicked it up a notch with their recent post. The former boy band member shared the photo dump back on January 29th and immediately went viral amongst his nearly 800 thousand followers. "Alexander is channeling his best @ninawest and giving me major Hairspray vibes," he joked in the caption. "Violet just loves Chucky." And we couldn't agree more after seeing the snaps for ourselves (below).

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The twins' father attached two photos of his babies each rocking bright orange wigs. And it was clear that Lance's loyal following found it just as hilarious as the new dad himself. "I love the look on Alexander's face and Violet looks so over it," one user wrote. "They're too cute!" Whether followers found it cute or LOL-worthy, it's safe to say that the post brought some major joy to people's Saturday. And if Bass's Instagram feed up until now is an indication of anything, we can certainly look forward to more posts like these in the near future. After all, what's parenthood without a healthy dose of embarrassing childhood photos? Perhaps the only thing missing is some embarrassing TBT pics from Lance's childhood days - it's only fair!

lance bass family instagram
Instagram via @lancebass

Well, we certainly thank Lance for bringing these hilarious pics to our timeline, it's safe to say we really enjoyed them! And for more adorable and funny moments from your favorite Hollywood stars, be sure to check back soon - only on

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