Kylie Minogue and Daniel Ricciardo's Hilarious Interview in Monaco


| LAST UPDATE 06/05/2023

By Riley Hammond
Kylie Minogue Daniel Ricciardo
Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube

We’ve got some juicy deets on Kylie Minogue’s latest encounter with Aussie race car driver, Daniel Ricciardo. Let’s just say, things got hilariously out of control.

In a recent interview posted on Red Bull Racing’s YouTube account ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo had Minogue in stitches by dropping the titles of many of her hit songs into his line of questioning. It’s safe to say things got a little weird. “I have been really excited to meet you today. Legitimately, just Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” Ricciardo started, prompting a snicker from our girl Kylie. “I Was Gonna Cancel, but On A Night Like This, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” he continued, asking Minogue – who celebrated her 55th birthday in Monaco over the weekend – what she’d been up to during her visit. “I’ve been going Slow,” she quipped, referring to her 2003 #1 hit.

Kylie Minogue hilarious interview
Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube
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As the ridiculous questions continued, both interviewer and interviewee struggled to stay on track. “If you Put Yourself In My Place, how would you …” Ricciardo began, but couldn’t even finish the sentence without them both dissolving into fits of laughter. “How would you handle an F1 car around here – would you be left Spinning Around?” he joked, causing Minogue to giggle uncontrollably. “Coming to Monaco, compared to other Grand Prix, does it feel like a Step Back In Time?” he continued, and by this point they were both in hysterics. “This is so bad that it’s good,” Ricciardo admitted at one point, as Kylie tried to compose herself long enough to answer. “In Your Eyes, who’s going to win the Grand Prix tomorrow?” Ricciardo finished, prompting another round of laughs.

The whole thing was pure gold. It’s no wonder the video has gone viral! This hilarious encounter comes as Kylie enjoys a career upturn with Padam Padam, the first single from her upcoming album Tension, set to drop on September 22. In Australia, it debuted at #39 on the ARIA charts last week – her first top 40 placing for a single in this country since 2012. But the news is even better in the UK, where the song debuted at number 26 on the charts last week and looks set to climb even higher. It’s already her highest-charting single there since Into The Blue peaked at number 12 in 2014. So, while Kylie may have struggled to keep a straight face during her interview with Ricciardo, it seems like things are finally looking up for the pop queen!

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