Kristen Bell Hilariously Admits Her Daughter Drives Her "Nuts" During Movie Nights


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
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Kristen Bell said that she's "Excited that the world will open again" on a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with guest host Chelsea Handler, and parents all over the world probably nodded in agreement. This simple truth came as just one of the LOL-worthy parenting topics discussed.

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Bell and her hubby Dax Shepard have grown a notorious reputation for being extremely open with their relationship, and this time around, things were no different. So, when it came time for Kristen to spill the tea on the parenting issues she's been experiencing, many could relate.

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"It's good most of the time, but my 6-year-old has pretty consistently done this thing that drives me nuts," Bell explained of the nice movie nights their family *attempts* to have. "So we'll sit down to watch a movie, we'll be five minutes in, [our daughter will] get bored, and she'll get up to do a craft," Bell explained.

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"...So she'll sit at the table and do it for like an hour and a half, she's having so much fun...then she comes back to the couch and 10 minutes before the movie's over, she goes, 'OK, what'd I miss?' and I'm like, 'That is absolutely unacceptable!'" she continued.

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While 6-year-old Delta might be a lover of crafts, according to her mom, maybe the next project to tackle will be making it through an entire movie without leaving the couch. Delta is one of two of the Bell-Shepherd kids. And Kristen admitted that she's more of a pushover when it comes to parenting. "I try to make rules, but I'm also a big fan of, 'Make a better argument!'" the actress said.

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"If you make a really good argument why you should have a cupcake before bed, like, OK! But it's got to be a good argument," she added. Possibly the best part of Kristen's confession? "The problem is they're both little prosecutors, so they make really good arguments. [Dax is] more of a rule-maker," the doting mother explained. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that we are totally jealous of those kiddos growing up in such a fun-filled household.