Kristen Bell Shares Hilarious Pup-Appreciation Post


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Kristen Bell Dax Instagram
Jim Spellman via Getty Images

What's not to love about Kristen Bell? From Veronica Mars to The Good Place and, of course, her iconic role as Anna in Frozen, Bell is a Hollywood icon! So how could she get any more lovable? Well, she loves dogs - that's how. Bell took to her Instagram to upload a hilarious photo of her next to the furry pup, and we can all totally relate!

The actress took to her Instagram to give us a little taste of mom dog life, and we're loving it! Anything Kristen Bell-related, we love, after all. The Good Place actress uploaded back-to-back snaps of her sitting on a boat with a beautiful sunset in the background while trying to enjoy the gorgeous view. But the dog next to her was standing right in her way! We can see Bell hilariously giving the gorgeous pup the side-eye to move on over, but it doesn't look like she quite got the memo. "I love dogs," the actress hysterically captioned the photo. 

Kristen Bell Dax Instagram
Instagram via @kristenanniebell
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However, we are unclear if the dog in question belongs to Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, or if this cute pup belongs to a friend the family was vacationing with. Last we heard, the family adopted a three-legged corgi in 2021, so we aren't sure if this baby belongs to them! Regardless, people couldn't get enough of the content of Bell and the pup, dropping some hilarious comments for us to see. Author Jen Pastiloff hilariously commented, "I love dog's butts," while another user wrote, "This is such a Michigan picture... Lake, pontoon, dog taking over the seats," with a crying laughing emoji next to it! And if you know a Midwest summer, then this totally makes sense.

Bell has been letting us tag along on her family holiday this entire summer with Dax Shepard and their daughters, Lincoln and Delta. And well, it looks nothing short of a good time! The Frozen star took to her Instagram to share a series of adorable pictures of her family in Swan Valley, Idaho, on the Snake river thanking Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, for being the "best hosts in the biz" before they jetted off to visit Mount Rushmore! Sounds like the ultimate family vacation - and next time, we would love an invite.  

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