Kris Jenner Wins TikTok's 'Krissed' Challenge


| LAST UPDATE 06/29/2022

By Riley Hammond
Kris Jenner TikTok Challenge
Samir Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images

TikTok users across the world have found themselves falling into the #Krissed trap lately, thanks to the hilarious challenge that's gone viral on social media. But perhaps the funniest prankster to join the challenge is none other than Kris Jenner herself...

Here's a little summary of the 'Krissed' challenge that's taken over TikTok, in case you've missed it. The prank usually begins with a clickbaity video that seems like it's about to reveal some breaking news or juicy gossip. But in just a few short seconds, viewers find themselves watching a decade-old clip of Kris Jenner in a green sequin dress dancing to Lady Marmalade. The viewers are then informed that they "just got Krissed." The prank went so viral on the platform that users found it impossible to scroll down their For You Page without "getting Krissed" at least once! LOL. So far, the biggest rumors have included Tom Holland and Zendaya's breakup, Zendaya's pregnancy, a potential relationship between Scott Disick and Addison Rae, and Kendall Jenner's pregnancy. But there's one hilarious video that tops them all - here's the #Krissed TikTok that took the golden medal home. 

Kris Jenner TikTok viral
RB/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images
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The clip features a campaign portrait of the mom of six, with the audio of presidential-sounding music playing in the background. The text over the image announced, "Kris Jenner 2024 Presidential Candidate." To tease her fans even further, Kris even captioned the video, "I'm so excited to finally announce…" causing fans to think they would soon be calling the media mogul "Madame President." But before any of the viewers could fully process what they were reading, the video cut to Kris' iconic dance that we've seen too many times these past few weeks. As one fan wrote in the comments, we've all just been "Kris Krissed"...


I’m so excited to finally announce…

♬ Presidential Music - Bobby Cole

Needless to say, users in the comments section went wild over the post, which has been viewed more than 51 million times and has gained over 11.5 million likes so far. One user commented, "Now this is iconic," while another wrote, "Ain't no dang way KRIS JENNER just krissed us." LOL. But if the 66-year-old momager ever did consider running for president, we think she'd do a pretty good job. After years of experience 'momaging' the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, who's to say the media mogul can't run the nation? We're a bit curious, we're not gonna lie.

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