Kris Jenner Spills Tea in Hilarious Lie-Detector Test


| LAST UPDATE 09/12/2022

By Scarlett Adler
Kris Jenner James Corden
Stefanie Keenan/Contributor via Getty Images

Kris Jenner finally admit who her favorite child is! While hooked up to a lie detector during a recent segment on the Late Late Show with James Corden, the matriarch had no choice but to spill the truth. Daughter Kylie, who appeared on the show alongside her, and host James Corden do not hold back their laughs. And neither could we! Here's what went down.

Before beginning, Corden asked Kris, "To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Bible?" Saying Bible is a famous phrase on the Kardashian show whenever one tells the other the truth about something. Kris replied, "Bible" ... and the fun ensued. Kylie wasted no time getting into the thick of it and asked her mom if she was her mom's favorite daughter, to which Kris replied with, "Yes." The lie detector test found her to be telling the truth, and the audience went wild! Afterward, Kris joked about how she couldn't go home now. The hits kept coming as Corden and Kylie took turns asking questions like, "Did Kim rip the Marilyn dress at the Met Ball?" and "Has Kendall learned to cut a cucumber?" All the answers to these questions were truthful 'nos.'

Kris Kylie Jenner Interview
Vivien Killilea/Contributor via Getty Images
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Kris seemed happy to answer every question that was thrown at her. She even commented, "We're clearing everything up today. I like this game. It is a good game." Maybe the Jenners should have come on the show sooner to get to the bottom of these rumors! After the fun and games, Kris and Kylie sat down with Corden. Kylie talked about how amazing of a mom Kris is and how she even scrubbed up and helped to deliver her first child, Stormi. Even if you and your mom are famous, that doesn't stop moms from being moms. Right? Kylie complained about how Kris likes to rearrange everything in Kylie's house - from her kitchen to her closet, when she's not home.

No matter how much reorganizing Kris may do, the love these two have for each other is apparent. Kylie Cosmetic's latest makeup collection is inspired by and named after her mother, aptly called the Kris Collection. The collection's main artwork features martinis, Kris's favorite drink. It will be available starting September 14th. Clearly, there is no stopping this duo. Stay tuned for more laughs - and painful truths!

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