Kris Jenner Gets a Free Toilet After Ryan Seacrest Left Hers Unflushed

Taran Underwood

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If you ever have Ryan Seacrest over to your house, please make sure you clearly explain to him how your toilet flushes. The TV host told viewers of Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday that after taking care of business in Kris Jenner's toilet, he was unable to dispose of said business. “So I’m in there, and the toilet, it’s like one of those electronic toilets, but it’s black, so you can’t see any of the buttons or things on it, and it’s dimly lit,” he said. “I can’t find the flush.” Seacrest then admitted that he just went ahead and left his, uh, something extra behind in the toilet bowl. “I left it there. It could still be there. I don’t know," he confessed to the adequately grossed out crowd.

Now, a toilet company has decided to weigh in on the situation and offered up a solution for all involved. American Standard sent out a press release letting the media know they'd just sent two toilets out for delivery: one to Kris Jenner and one to Ryan Seacrest. The toilets will come in handy as they include an "intuitive remote" for flushing and are virtually "clog-free", they also retail for up to $600, and with an added on bidet seat that runs for $1,650. So it's a pretty generous gift, and even if Jenner wasn't ready to give up her more confusing model, she could always have it installed in a random closet just in case of emergencies.