Kit Harington's Hilarious Reaction to GOT Slot Machine


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
Kit Harington Vegas Game
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When Game of Thrones' Jon Snow, AKA Kit Harington, came across a Las Vegas slot machine designed after the widely successful TV series, he was shocked, to say the least. Lucky for us, the actor's good pal Rob McElhenney was there to catch his full reaction.

GOT Kit Harington Vegas
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The buddies had been walking through a Sin City casino when they came across the Game of Thrones-themed slot machine. And when Harington realized that his business deal with the production didn't include merchandising rights, the reaction on his face said it all.

George Rose / Contributor via Getty Images

As seen in McElhenney's TikTok video, Kit's face dropped as he shook his head shook from side to side in disbelief. The actor looked stunned. As for the several-second reaction video, it has already surpassed 2.6M views and 430K likes! While we are unsure if Harington's GOT deal actually excluded merchandising rights post-show or not, we do know one thing for sure.


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We got a good chuckle at Kit's shocking discovery during a night out on the town, and we're thankful that Rob was there to capture the moment in all of its glory. McElhenney later posted a second TikTok video where he asked Harington about his thoughts on starting an account on the platform, to which the GOT star replied, "Isn't that for kids?" Sounds like these friends know how to joke around and laugh at each other's pain once in a while...

GOT Vegas Slot Machine
Instagram via @gameofthrones

In reply to being shut down by his pal, Rob held a straight face to the camera for several seconds. After all, Jon Snow knows nothing; right, GOT fans? Leave it to these funny actors to not only wow us on screen but keep us entertained off-screen as well!

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GOT Kit Harington Vegas
Liam McBurney - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

As for Rob's TikTok? We'll have to keep an eye on it, as we're betting there's going to be some more comical content coming soon. Maybe Harington will make another appearance (we can only hope)! As for the slot machine? With the show's soundtrack, we can only imagine the sound of a winning lever-pull.