Kim Serves Laughs & Scares During Halloween Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 11/03/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
kim kardashian halloween costume
@kimkardashian via Instagram

It's always the height of anticipation waiting to see what costume celebrities come up with each year for Halloween. With all the parties in Hollywood, it's a red carpet of horrors. While it would be standard procedure to dress up this time of year, it's not always the case for everybody. For Kim Kardashian, she got a tad carried away in the holiday spirit.

The Kardashians never fail on Halloween. Even pre-fame, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been devoted to dressing up. We have even seen mini Kourtney and Kimberly as Wonder Woman and a pumpkin. Year after year, the family continues to wow fans with family Halloween cameos - from Victoria's Secret angels to Stormi's tribute to mom's Met Gala look and, of course, the legendary couple costumes from Kravis. Not to mention, we were blessed with supermodel Kendall Jenner rocking a cucumber costume, mocking her own meme, while Kris Jenner slayed in her superhero costume. But, one costume which deserved to be seen everywhere was Kim, who went as Marvel Comic's Mystique. However, it seems the blue beauty was not welcomed everywhere. 

Kim Kardashian Halloween costume
@kimkardashian via Instagram
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It assumed they rocked these costumes somewhere, whether it be Calabasas's Night of the Jack Halloween event or even a fellow-celeb party. For Kim, she received a special invite to her close friend/actress Tracee Ellis Ross's birthday party. Now, we don't know about anyone else, but if a party falls on Halloween, this automatically screams costume, right? Bearing in mind this was a pre-Halloween birthday dinner. However, when Kimberly rocked up, terror struck as she quickly realized she was the only one in costume. But, not just any costume, a head-to-toe, crystal-covered costume while wearing a red wig. She was so unrecognizable we're surprised she was allowed in! LOL. Thankfully, the Skims founder humored the situation and made the best of it with a selfie of her and Ellis Ross, captioned, "That time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn't a costume party!" She added, "Happy Birthday to the most beautiful kind soul @traceellisross." Never fear because Mystique got to make use of her costume as she attended an A-lister costume party at TAO after. Kim went on to post that evening, capturing Diddy's terrifying Joker costume, who allegedly "never broke character," as written on another one of Kim's selfies.

We guess, when you're on television 24/7, nothing is ever really embarrassing anymore! Thanks to Kim's fearless personality, she embraced the moment and showed off her well-deserved costume. Check out some of the most hilarious Halloween costumes over the years...

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