The Prank-Wars Continue: Kevin Hart Hilariously Trolls Nick Cannon


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Kevin hart nick cannon
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Kevin Hart might be small, but make no mistake about it: You don't want to get on the funny guy's bad side. Look no further than his latest prank, which left Nick Cannon "hating" the pint-sized prankster. Go grab that popcorn while we break down their hilarious and savage move.

Kevin Hart Nick Cannon
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It all started when Hart took to Instagram to offer some friendly words of wisdom - free of charge. "If u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon," the comedian joked, alongside a Los Angeles billboard featuring his bestie's phone number. How sweet. But that's not where this giveaway ends.

If you happen to find yourself in Atlanta or New York, you might just be in luck: "I also did some [there]," Hart proudly revealed of his flashy billboards. Safe to say, Cannon, who just became a father of 7, has certainly got his hands full. But while Hart's BFF might be running to change his phone number, he actually had this one coming...

Nick cannon kevin prank
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In case you forgot, Cannon had some fun of his own earlier this month, after sending Hart a very thoughtful birthday gift: a llama. "Since I'm having all these new kids, I thought I would bless you with a new one as well," Cannon joked. "Save the drama for your llama." Little did he know the drama was just getting started.

"My phone won't stop ringing!!!" the Wild n' Out star revealed after Hart's selfless deed. "I hate @kevinhart4real." Yikes, that's one phone bill we're glad we don't have to pay. But while Cannon might be feeling the consequences of his actions, there won't be any white flags waved anytime soon. In fact, Cannon's already planning his next strike - and you - yes, you - can join in on the fun.

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Nick cannon prank war
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"You like to be part of my next prank?" Cannon's new voicemail teases. "Then Cashapp me 5 dollas or more to cannoncash2021. Leave your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and I'll make sure you get on the next prank."

And on that note, excuse us while we go scrounge up 5 bucks...