Kelsea Ballerini Laughs Off Wardrobe Malfunction


| LAST UPDATE 03/16/2023

By Riley Hammond
Kelsea Ballerini Heartfirst Tour
Instagram via @kelseaballerini

Kelsea Ballerini always knew being a star meant taking on weird things that come out of the blue. But she was totally caught off-guard when her Milwaukee show suffered from a wardrobe malfunction—in the form of a sock stuck to her jacket! Of course, the audience noticed and started yelling something Kelsea couldn’t quite make out. That is, until they all pointed to one thing—the sock!

Seeing the funny side of it, Kelsea held up her jacket and laughed. "I feel like Sully from Monsters Inc., there's a sock on my jacket!" From that moment, Kelsea turned an embarrassing situation into a hilarious one. After all, what better way to end an already stellar performance? The image of a country star holding a gray and black sock up in front of thousands of people might seem strange at first, but that didn't stop Ballerini from embracing the moment with humor. Rather than be embarrassed, she quipped "Guys, I'm the least cool person you've ever seen, but now I relate to Monsters Inc." A few moments later, she threw the offending sock off stage and went right back into her set list!

Kelsea Ballerini Milwaukee performance
Instagram via @kelseaballerini
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Ballerini took the stage with confidence and poise, only to realize that thousands of eyes were fixed, not on her performance, but on the gray and black sock. The singer-songwriter quickly realized what was happening, and she made the best of it. Fans were quick to comment on the situation with some funny observations; one said “Whoever yelled ‘2319!’ passed the vibe check,” while another remarked that “At least it wasn’t a thong!” LOL.

This isn't the only recent accomplishment for this star: just last weekend, she made an appearance on Saturday Night Live—with her new boyfriend, Chase Stokes at her side! The mismatched sock fiasco became a hilarious footnote in what was already an incredible milestone for this artist. Who knows what other unexpected wardrobe malfunctions Kelsea might have in store as we follow her on tour this summer? She'll definitely be arriving on stage prepared with extra safety pins, just in case!

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