Katy Perry Reveals the Exciting Journey of Her Road to Motherhood

Taran Underwood

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Ever since Katy Perry announced that she's expecting a baby back in March, we've all been dying to hear about her future plans. The singer's finally given us a glimpse into her journey of becoming a mother, all while doing what she loves.

"I feel really good," Perry told The Sunday Times. "I love my body, and I'm proud of it." She couldn't be more excited to welcome her baby into the world with actor Orlando Bloom, who's already the father to a 9-year-old.

Excited For Baby Katy Perry Pregnancy
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"I've had extremely high highs and extremely low lows, and I've heard that having children is like the best gift of all, so I'm ready to step into that role and receive the unconditional love that I had a hard time receiving years ago," Katy explained.

Ready for Motherhood Katy Perry Pregnancy
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Getting pregnant was all a part of Katy's plan, as she'd told her management, "I'm gonna get pregnant, I wanna have a baby, I have a great contender, finally, and I wanna put this record out." The artist used her music video for Never Worn White as a public announcement of her pregnancy.

Even while preparing to have a baby, Perry's still working on her upcoming album, Smile, which will be her first in the last three years. The "overall definition of the record is getting my smile back," Katy said, reflecting on her previous depression battle.

"I've been through an emotional journey, and I feel very grounded," explained Katy. "And I should feel grounded because I'm 185 f--ing pounds right now." Needless to say, Katy Perry is still working hard on her music, even while carrying another human, proving that she can truly do it all.