Katy Perry Serves Fans Pizza – & the Internet Is Loving It


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2022

By Conner Goodman
katy perry funny video
Daniel Pockett / Stringer via Getty Images

Over the weekend, Katy Perry tried to help feed everyone at a Las Vegas nightclub. The hilarious incident instantly made headlines because, obviously, a pop star throwing food into a crowd is as entertaining as it sounds. Here's what went down…

Quickly after a fan account posted a video of the Last Friday Night (TGIF) singer flinging fresh slices of pizza at people, it went viral. The crowd looked happy and excited, with many of them trying to grab a piece of the yummy-looking snack (not Katy, the pizza). The 37-year-old artist could be seen placing a slice on a paper plate before tossing it like a frisbee. But of course, the plate flew separately from the pizza, and even though a few people tried to grab it, the pizza sadly fell on the floor. She tried again, except this time omitting the plate, which helped her get a better aim. Clearly, Perry's pizza throwing skills need some work - but at least the Dark Horse artist had fun with it.

katy perry viral vegas
Daniel Pockett / Stringer via Getty Images
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Through the entire ordeal, Perry could be seen dancing and giggling, obviously enjoying the moment very much. TBH, we're kind of sad we couldn't experience this moment. What could be better than dancing the night away in Vegas, when all of a sudden you turn your head and see THE Katy Perry trying to give you a pipping hot piece of Za? It seems like we're not the only ones who loved the funny video, which now has nearly 5.7 million views.

Perry's fans took to Twitter to express how they too wished they could have been there. “Imagine Katy Perry throwing pizza right in your face??? omg a dream,” tweeted one fan. “Oh to be slapped in the face with katy perry’s pizza,” another person joked. Some of the reactions were even funnier than the video itself. “The way my drunk feral a** would 100% be eating that pizza off the nasty *ss club floor if Katy Perry threw it at me,” another person hilariously admitted. User @mattxiv tweeted, "Katy perry throwing slices of pizza... in the club… a mother feeding her young. It’s biology." LOL.

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