Katy Perry Hilariously Warned Viewers That Her Latex Wardrobe Might Cause Accidental 'Dress Farts'


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Katy Perry Dress Farts
Getty Images via Daniel Pockett

Katy Perry never fails to surprise us, whether she dives face-first into a cake, or in this case, wears a neon blue latex dress. Before sporting this iconic wardrobe on this week's episode of American Idol, the artist gave viewers a fair warning about what might happen, given the dress's material. "If you think I'm farting on live television, I'm not," Perry informed her followers in an Instagram video. "It's just gonna be my dress."

Safe to say, she got our attention with that bold statement! "Well, it's going to be an exciting and different on-the-edge-of-your-seat show," she continued. "I'm just about to walk to be actually live, like live live live… We're gonna have some fun." And low and behold, as Katy moved her arm in the video, these strange noises she'd warned us about came to life. But again, just remember the latex dress is to blame!

But that's not the only hilarious joke the American Idol judge has made lately; Just last week, Perry transformed the bathroom into her very own runway. Not everyone can balance on top of a toilet in stilettos, but this Hollywood icon can clearly do it all. She definitely rocked that Alexander Mcqueen black leather dress. Who knows, this could be a turning point in the fashion world! 

Aside from Perry's iconic moments on American Idol this week, the most recent episode was monumental for other reasons as well. Unfortunately, judge Luke Bryan wasn't able to take part this week, but the one and only Paula Abdul stepped in to save the day. Long before Perry and Bryan joined the judges' panel, Abdul was a regular judge for the first eight seasons, alongside Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. "It felt wonderful to be back," Paula wrote on Instagram following the show.

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Katy Perry American Idol
Getty Images via Kevork Djansezian

Stay tuned for more hilarious surprises from Katy perry in the future because something tells us she has a lot more tricks up her sleeve!