Justin Timberlake Spotted at Target in Hilarious Video


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2021

By Scarlett Adler
justin timberlake viral target
TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Expect more, pay less - right? Imagine making your latest Target run only to have Justin Timberlake ring you up at the checkout. Well, for one lucky shopper, that’s exactly what happened. The NSYNC star just went viral after being spotted working one of the store’s registers. And it was exactly as entertaining as it sounds. Here’s what went down…

justin timberlake viral TikTok
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

It all started on Thursday, August 19, when TikTok user Douglas Anthony took to our feeds with a #TBT. “Justin Timberlake said post this for the naysayers,” the amused user wrote, alongside a clip of the singer donning a gray jacket, beanie… oh, and a product scanner, because, well, why not? “What else did you want?” Timberlake joked as he scanned a pack of Icebreakers, gum, and a speaker.


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Not something you see every day, huh? Of course, it wasn't long before the clip went viral, raking in endless likes and comments, including ones from his former bandmate Lance Bass, who was just as amused as we were. "This guy looks oddly familiar. I can't place it," the artist joked. Granted, it was a pretty odd sighting...

lance justin timberlake viral
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW

But believe it or not, this actually isn't the first time we watched JT make his way over to Target. In case you forgot, the Hollywood funny guy has previously starred in several SNL sketches as "Classic Peg" alongside Kristen Wiig (below). And while he might have since ditched the neck brace and stockings, his latest Target run is just as entertaining.

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Safe to say, the man is full of surprises. From hilarious adventures on our TikTok feeds to his and Jessica Biel's "secret COVID baby," Justin Timberlake certainly knows how to keep us on our toes. As for what other tricks he's got up his sleeves? Might we catch him ringing up our milk and eggs during our next grocery run? We guess we'll have to wait and find out (though we certainly hope so).

Until then, be sure to stay tuned...