Justin Theroux Addresses Hilarious Rumor That He Is a “Nudist on Airplanes”


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2023

By Arianna Morgan
Justin Theroux Nudist Airplane
Cindy Ord/WireImage via Getty Images

The rumor around town is that The Leftovers star, Justin Theroux, sleeps naked on airplanes! LOL! We wouldn't mind being seated next to him, that's for sure. However, Theroux himself addressed the rumor explaining that he does take "some clothes off" but keeps it pretty PC.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Theroux admitted he was called a "nudist on airplanes." Rather specific, no? "I had recently gotten a call from my publicist where she said, 'A tabloid is asking about you,'" he said, followed by, "They're saying you're a nudist on airplanes." But luckily for The Mosquito Coast actor, he found the whole situation "hilarious." He told Esquire, "I was toying with the idea of issuing a statement, something funny like, 'Look, my body, my choice.'" But clearly, he decided to go a different route and instead confided in his good pal, Jason Bateman, about the situation.

Jason Bateman Justin Theroux
 Jeff Vespa/VF13/WireImage via Getty Images
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During an episode of Bateman's Smartless podcast, Theroux told the Ozark star about the situation and was shocked by his response. "I said, 'Yeah, so I got this thing this week, and they're maybe going to run a story that I go naked on airplanes,'" Theroux said, "And [Bateman] goes, 'Yeah, but you do go naked on airplanes.'" Oh?! At first, Justin didn't understand what in the world Bateman was talking about, but then he figured it out. It all started when they flew together from Los Angeles to London on a 12-hour flight…

Bateman reminded him they were flying together, and once they "had shut down all the lights and everything was quiet in the airplane—and we're in little pods, we're not in 38J—I had taken some clothes off." Okay, Justin! "I think I took my shirt off and maybe my pants," Theroux said. "But I was definitely wearing something under that. And I tucked in and went to sleep." Bateman asked his friend, "Hey man, what are you doing?" to which Theroux responded, "'I'm going to sleep! No one is going to see!'" Also adding, "I had a blanket! So anyway, it was actually correct that I was essentially naked on an airplane, but not really naked." We understand his point.

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