Justin Bieber Gets Last Laugh, Pranks Charlie Puth


| LAST UPDATE 02/04/2022

By Conner Goodman
justin bieber prank viral
Emma McIntyre / Staff via Getty Images

Nearly 6 years ago, Charlie Puth dissed Justin Bieber during a live concert. Yet even after all this time, it seems like the As Long As You Love Me singer has held a grudge because he finally got his revenge back on Puth. Here's what went down.

Back in 2016, during a performance, Puth randomly shouted out to the audience, "**** you, Justin Bieber," as he was singing his hit song, We Don't Talk Anymore. Apparently, not long after the concert, Puth sent his apologies to Bieber, and the two eventually worked things out. Yet still, we have a feeling the former teen heartthrob didn't fully accept Puth's sorry's because he recently brought up the incident again.

charlie puth bieber prank
Steve Jennings / Stringer via Getty Images
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Justin was hanging out with fellow artist and friend, The Kid Laroi, when he noticed that he was on a Facetime call with none other than Puth. Bieber saw a chance to get him back, and he seized the opportunity in a hilarious way. Luckily for us, he taped the whole thing and shared it with his 219 million Instagram followers. Bieber captioned the post with, "@charlieputh, you know you had it coming," followed by a few laughing face emojis.

Justin started off the prank by saying, "We never really got to talk about just like years ago when you said, '**** you,' onstage to me.'"At first, Puth thought he was joking around and laughed, but was then hit with, "I don't think it's very funny, to be honest," from Justin. Uh oh... The One Call Away artist then started to defend himself and said, "What, you're talking about that **** from six years ago? That was… that was a joke." In the short clip, The Kid Laroi could be seen cracking up as he listened to the conversation. Bieber continued pranking Puth, "I know, but it hurt my feelings." At this point, Puth was unsure if he was being messed with or not. While it seemed like Bieber wanted to continue teasing him, he couldn't help but laugh, ultimately giving away the fact that it was a prank. LOL. Hopefully, the beef between the two has finally been squashed for good! Stay tuned.

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