Here's Why Juno Temple Was "Terrified" of Her Role in Hit Comedy 'Ted Lasso'


| LAST UPDATE 01/12/2022

By Molly Houghton
Juno Temple Ted Lasso
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"Normally, I'm cast as very dark, dark characters," explained Juno Temple. So when Ted Lasso's Jason Sudeikis texted about a role in the upcoming comedy, the starlet found herself in uncharted territory.

Juno Temple Comedy Debut
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To make things even more difficult for the artist, Juno had to quickly transition from a more ominous set to the hilarity that would be Ted Lasso. "It was all a quick turnaround because I'd been shooting these other projects. I was just coming from another project where I play a much darker character, Little Birds," she said.

"I don't think of myself remotely as a comedy actress. The idea of getting that kind of timing right is just terrifying to me," Temple added. Luckily, she was surrounded by some pretty funny pals. "What was really cool about the first season was I got taught so much by these brilliant co-stars," Juno shared.

Ted Lasso Cast Creator
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And Temple might've been a bundle of nerves as she showed up on set, but the actress soon found comfort in co-creator Jason Sudeikis' patience. "Almost every 10 minutes, I would be like, 'I don't know how to make that funny.' He would say, 'Don't worry; you don't have to. Just be you. Just be exactly as you would be as Keeley, and it will all fall into place,'" the starlet revealed.

Juno Temple Ted Lasso
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Temple didn't hold back praise for the award-winning show and credited the series for her success as Keeley. "The writing is so extraordinary that you know the character you're playing intimately. Everything on the show, from the costumes to the makeup to the production design, is all set up so beautifully that you'd have to be really bad at your job to f*** it up," the actress humbly said.

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Keeley Rebecca Ted Lasso
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And the hit series has proven to be a first for Juno in more ways than one: not only is it her comedic debut, it's also the first time she's ever returned to a character for another season! "So, this was new to me, too, and a little daunting. But getting into the headspace of Keeley - who truly is a bundle of light - during this crazy time to be alive... has been special," Temple said.

And as the first-time comedy jitters melted away, Juno quickly found herself enjoying working on the show just as much as fans enjoyed watching it on TV. “Playing Keeley throughout this past six months has just been a true injection of joy,” the British actress shared during her interview with Seth Meyers. And for the cast and Ted Lasso lovers around the world, it couldn’t have come at a better time. As Temple explained, the joy she felt working with the show’s team and the plot itself brought so much light and humor during the anxiety and loneliness that came with the pandemic. “And what an amazing thing that the show has touched people the way it has,” the 32-year-old actress continued. “Because, yeah, it has been a roller coaster of heaven to make it.”

But as it works with all good television programs, the wait for new episodes lasts an eternity, whereas the anticipated season flashes before our eyes. And we yet again find ourselves waiting for more Ted Lasso to come our way. “I think the show will continue to surprise people,” Temple teased while speaking with Access. And while we’ve got a long wait until the projected season three return in summer 2022, we have some snippets of information that are tying us over until then. For starters, production is slotted to start next month in February, which will see a return of all our favorites and maybe an addition of some fresh new faces. But, unfortunately, there remains quite a bit in the air when it comes to the long-term vision of the beloved family-friendly comedy.

ted lasso season 3
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“I feel like a real coach when I have to tell folks you can’t look at season 4 when we’re in the middle of season 3,” Jason Sudeikis admitted to ET. “It’s hard to think about what to do in the distant future when you’re trying to deal with what’s right in front of you.” And for die-hard Ted Lasso fans, that might possibly mean preparing for a goodbye at the end of next season. “I think we’ve always meant it to be three seasons,” Brendan Hunt admitted. So it’s understandable that curiosity remains at an all-time high as fans – and the stars of the show – ponder about what’s next. “I don’t know huge amounts of what’s going to happen to Keeley,” Juno admitted to Town & Country Magazine. “But there’s something very special about that too, because it means you’re kind of living life as Keeley for five months, and you can’t predict the future too much.” And the uncertainty has taught the actress a valuable lesson in life. “You have to live and be in the moment. I think that’s a really smart way of going about it because it means you have to be present with your character,” she continued to explain. “You can’t think about their past, and you can’t try to predict their future, which is the best way to be really, otherwise you miss things.” No matter which way things go, it’s clear that Temple’s role has impacted her life for the better.

"Keeley has saved my mental health, truly." You know what they say: a comedy a day keeps the doctor away. Ted Lasso's second season is set to premiere on July 23 exclusively on Apple TV+, so don't miss out!