Julie Bowen Hilariously Reveals Her Celeb Crush


| LAST UPDATE 01/16/2022

By Molly Houghton
Julie Bowen divorced dating
Emma McIntyre / Staff via Getty Images

Modern Family star Julie Bowen just revealed a very unexpected crush. The actress recently sat down with guest host Adam DeVine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and hilariously spilled the beans on her dating life - well, or lack thereof. And the special someone she'd make an exception for...

Our sincere condolences go out to any single Modern Family fans out there - as Julie is single, but she is not yet ready to mingle. The 51-year-old and her ex-husband Scott Phillips called it quits in 2018, and, since then, Bowen's settled down with a special furry friend. Although, she did have a few disaster dates along the way. "I did go on some dates, and this guy was always like, 'You have to come to my house because I have a dog.' And I was like, 'I'm getting a dog,'" Julie recalled. "That's the trick, man! Now it's on my terms. 'You can come; I have a dog. You have to leave; I have a dog.'"

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But from the sound of it, Bowen's dog isn't meeting too many new faces. The starlet is happily single and not looking to date. That is unless your name is Harry Styles. That's right: Julie confessed a not-so-lowkey crush on the former One Direction Star. "You're asking would I come out of retirement for Harry Styles? Oh h*ll yeah. Him? Look at him," she gushed to Adam DeVine. Julie then hilariously commented on a photo of Harry flaunting his butterfly tattoo as it hit the screen, saying, "He's got that same energy - ugh, I'm sorry, I got distracted, now that's a good tattoo... He's got the same energy that [Ellen's resident DJ] does, where they're so gorgeous and sexy, but there's so much joy that you don't feel dirty about what's happening in your pants."

harry styles julie bowen
Handout via Getty Images

But the actress proved she doesn't just have a crush on Harry: Julie is also a fan and even knows his songs! "They're just bringing the joy and the light and the watermelon sugar that you just feel good about the whole experience," she quipped. We hear you, girl.

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