Julia Fox Is Going Viral on TikTok, Here’s Why


| LAST UPDATE 02/21/2022

By Lily Tipton
Julia Fox, Uncut Gems
Marc Piasecki/GC Images via Getty Images

Julia Fox is seemingly everywhere these days. She may have ended her infamous relationship with Kanye West last week - but it seems the internet, along with its viral trends, is not yet finished with the star. The actress's recent interview with Call Her Daddy has us laughing so hard. Just keep reading, and you'll understand why.

The Uncut Gems actress recently participated in an interview with Call her Daddy podcast host, Alex Cooper, spilling all the juicy gossip about her former relationship with Kanye West. But it seems viewers were more focused on a moment later in the interview when Alex asks her if she considers herself to be Kanye's muse. "Yeah, a little maybe. I think so," she replied. She then compared it to being "Josh Safdie's muse in Uncut Gems." Whether she realized it or not, Julia was heard pronouncing 'Gems' in an elongated "Jaaaams" accent - to the absolute amusement of the internet...

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And just like that, the #JuliaFox TikTok trend was born - with thousands of users flocking to their accounts to impersonate the star's hilarious moment. Some celebrities even got in on the frenzy, too - from Shay Mitchell to Cara Delevingne and Ashlee Simpson. For our convenience, Page Six even compiled a montage of all the best impersonations out there, alongside the caption, "TikTokers are jumping to impersonate this #JuliaFox interview…and we can't stop watching." Sure enough, it wasn't long before fans took to Page Six's Instagram page to share their amusement. "If it wasn't for the subtitles, I wouldn't know WTF she was saying," laughed one user. Another commented, "I'm laughing way too hard at my desk!"

Julia Fox, Uncut Gems
Rachel Luna/WireImage via Getty Images

This trend hit its peak just days after Julia and Kanye called it quits on their weeks-long romance. A representative for the actress released a statement to E! News, stating, "Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together." She may not be Kanye's muse anymore, but something tells us this is just the beginning for Julia Fox and her growing presence online. Stay tuned...

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