Jon Rahm's Funny Porta-Potty Proposal Shakes Up PGA Tour


| LAST UPDATE 08/11/2023

By Riley Hammond
funny viral Jon Rahm
Andy Lyons / Staff via Getty Images

Prepare yourself for a tale that's par for the course in the world of golf, featuring Jon Rahm, the Spanish golfer with a swing as smooth as a gin and tonic on a balmy summer afternoon, and a sense of humor that could rival a stand-up comedian.

Picture the scene: A journalist, eager to uncover some profound wisdom about the sport, poses a question to Jon. What one change would he implement on the PGA Tour? With a glint in his eye that could outshine the glossiest golf ball, Jon leans in and delivers his curveball response: "A porta-potty at every hole." Yes, you read correctly. Porta-potties. Those plastic cubicles of convenience that are more likely to be seen at a music festival than on the pristine greens of the golf course. The kind of suggestion that makes you choke on your Arnold Palmer. "I'm aware it sounds like I've misplaced a few balls in the rough," Rahm quips, "But believe me, when nature calls mid-game, you'd wish for a porta-potty too!" And you know what? He's hit the nail on the head. Ever pondered how these golfing gurus handle their...well... 'water hazards' during those endless hours on the green? Exactly. Jon's idea isn't just chuckle-inducing, it's downright practical!

funny viral Jon Rahm
David Cannon / Contributor via Getty Images
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The internet, in all its glory, erupted over this. Comments flew faster than a Rory McIlroy drive, memes spread like wildfire, and tweets were as plentiful as sand traps on a course. labeled his request "pretty funny," but acknowledged there was a nugget of wisdom hiding amongst the hilarity. Daily Star Sport chimed in, stating, "Spanish golfer Jon Rahm is nothing if not a simple man." When it comes to heeding nature’s call, simplicity truly is the key, isn’t it?

Bunkie Perkins, meanwhile, advocated for a return to the basics – "just find a bush off the fairway." And golf analyst Smylie Kaufman? They were all-in on Jon's innovative idea. So there we have it. Jon Rahm, golf superstar and potential porta-potty pioneer. Helping golfers everywhere answer nature's call without missing a beat. Who knew the PGA Tour could be so entertaining?

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