John Krasinski Just Blessed One Lucky Holiday Goer With "Some Good News"

Scarlett Adler

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This past week Dunder Mifflin's beloved prankster took to our screens to give back this holiday season, and you're gonna want to see this for yourself. That's right, John Krasinski's latest endeavors have officially just landed him on the Nice List, and we're sure Michael Scott would be really proud right about now.

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It all started on Monday, December 21, when The Office star took to his webcam for the latest episode of his YouTube series, Some Good News, dedicated to, you guessed it: Good news. But while his usual stints typically call for breaking uplifting stories, Krasinski's latest episode was rather special - and we've also got another famous face to thank for that.

John Krasinski, Christmas, YouTube
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Of course, we're talking about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, a legend both on and off of our screens, who joined Krasinski on his latest episode. What happened? While we're used to watching the funny guy take a jab at Kevin Hart or dominate the WWE ring, this time around, we watched Johnson take on the role of Santa's Helper.

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"Dwanta Klaus is going to take care of all of that stuff, man," the pro wrestler revealed to Jay Abel, the struggling father who was invited onto the episode after his attempts to raise funds for his children's Christmas presents went viral. "Oh my god! ... Are you kidding me!? ... Thank you... I can't believe it," the emotional dad gushed.

Some Good News, Christmas
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But don't think Dwanta was done just yet. "I also want your kids to know what kind of father they have," the Black Adam actor continued. "I want you to come down to Southern California, and I want you to visit us at the DC Universe."

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Santa
Screenshot-YouTube via SomeGoodNews (2020)

As Johnson put it, "Your story is an inspiration - you are an inspiration." Yep, are you also feeling really inspired right about now? Safe to say, we can probably all learn a thing or two from Jay. On that note, this holiday season, be sure to give your loved ones an extra squeeze and, most importantly, Happy Holidays!