Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Called Out Jason Bateman for Bailing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Taran Underwood

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This week, Will Arnett guest-starred on Jimmy Kimmel Live; However, he was actually a last-minute addition. Truthfully, Ozark star Jason Bateman was meant to appear on the show, but he apparently bailed, as Kimmel put it. Rather than let it slide, Kimmel hilariously called him out for ditching the interview.

After thanking Arrested Development star Arnett for filling in, Kimmel informed viewers that Bateman would no longer be appearing on the show. "Last-minute cancellation thing. Are you familiar with Jason Bateman?" said Kimmel. Arnett said he didn't want to "out" his friend but responded, "Yeah, Jason, obviously too busy." But then Kimmel gave some more information on what really happened.

"That's exactly what they say, too busy," Jimmy revealed. "They said he was shooting his show, so he couldn't do the show. And you know, I said, 'Yeah, well we're shooting also our show." Arnett couldn't help but laugh during this conversation, and he continuously reminded viewers that Bateman is "a good friend" to the show and only backed out because "Blow-zark's schedule changed or something." Being the witty entertainer he is, Kimmel corrected Arnett's statement about Bateman's other commitment.

Jimmy Kimmel Jason Bateman
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"I think it's called Ozark, I don't know," said Jimmy. "I said, Ozark. What did you think I said," Will joked. After this humorous debate, Jimmy informed Will that he has spies everywhere, so no one can sneak anything past him, not even Jason. Kimmel backed up his claim by showing the audience a photo of Bateman sitting in a director's chair in Atlanta, staring down at his phone. If you ask Kimmel about the picture? "This was taken today when he's supposedly too busy to FaceTime into the show," he joked.

Jimmy Kimmel Jason Bateman
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"There he is, playing Words with Friends on his phone." Kimmel might've been salty about this occurrence, but evidently, Arnett was quite amused, saying it's "hilarious considering we know he doesn't have that many friends." Although Bateman wasn't able to make it to this week's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, who knows, maybe Kimmel will give him another chance someday!