Jimmy Fallon Won't Rest Until He Spoils Everything

Taran Underwood

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Jimmy Fallon is known for playing games with people, and usually these games are for our enjoyment. Like this 'Wheel of Musical Impressions' game he invented, which gave us Ariana Grande doing a Celine Dion impression.

But Fallon also has a dark side. It's a side that craves power. The power to ruin all your future movie and TV viewing experiences with spoilers. It may or may not have been initially sparked by Mark Ruffalo, who really did actually spill a very big Avengers:Infinity War spoiler during an interview once.

It's hard to know what this sparked in Jimmy. Was it envy that there was someone on TV being more adorable than he was? Was it lust, for all the delicious clicks and likes this scandal had surely won for GMA? We may never know what shadowy motive lurks in his heart, but not long after this incident, Fallon decided to put the pressure on Ruffalo during his visit to The Tonight Show.

Though the bit is clearly a joke, Ruffalo had whetted the public's appetite for accidental spoiler slips. Fans clamored to decipher what Ruffalo was saying under the beeps. With one fan going so far as to digitally alter the audio in the clip to find out what Ruffalo was saying underneath.

However, we know now that The Last Avenger was clearly not the actual title of the fourth Avengers movie. But this wasn't even the only theory that began floating around about Ruffalo's big "reveal."

Do you see the kind of tailspin you can send a hardcore fan into with even the *joke* of a spoiler? Of course, we now know the fourth Avengers movie is actually called Avengers: Endgame, a fact that was confirmed for fans when the officially trailer dropped several weeks later.

But Fallon's desire for spoilers, or at least spoilers as a means to prank his unsuspecting audience, had clearly been piqued by Ruffalo. So, he tried to do it again. This time, however, he brought tools.

If that's not a real lie detector, The Tonight Show prop staff deserves some kind of late night comedy prop award. It has wires. Wires! How do you even fake wires? This is when we should've known we had a problem. But the severity of that problem didn't become immediately obvious until Cobie Smulders visited The Tonight Show and found herself sitting across from a wild-eyed Fallon slamming his hands on his desk and demanding spoilers from her.

"It's fun to try and get it out of ya," Fallon says in that clip, and he wasn't kidding. Later when Jessica Chastain came by, Fallon got her to reveal what might be a spoiler for It: Chapter Two. Though this story only counts as a spoiler if you didn't expect It to have any blood in it.

At this point, Game of Thrones's Maisie Williams should've known she was walking into a trap. A trap that appeared to spring on her faster than a Braavosi water dancer.

These are the kinds of moments that remind you that April Fools Day is a holiday of lies and panic. Though it's a testament to Williams's acting ability that she was able to sell this as so real, this is the kind of thing that gives innocent late night television viewers heart attacks.

Just look at all those emojis. This is the kind of unchecked power Jimmy Fallon now yields from behind his desk: the ability to scare the daylights out of us. Here's hoping that instead of trying to spoil the new Spiderman movie, he starts paying attention to the lessons it teaches us. Namely, that with great power comes.... something. Crap.