Modern Family Has Arrived to TikTok!


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Modern Family, TikTok
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It's the crossover we never knew we needed: Modern Family x TikTok. And you can bet we're here for it. This past week, Mitch Pritchett took a break from the courtroom to bless us in the lip-syncing world. And it was exactly as hilarious as expected.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Viral
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On February 7th, Jesse Tyler Ferguson took to TikTok for the first time ever. And it's only been up from there; Not only because he's already managed to rake in 150+ thousand followers. We're talking about his, um, initial unfamiliarity with the new territory. But you didn't hear it from us.


Is this how u do it?

♬ original sound - Jesse Tyler Ferguson

"Is this how u do it?" the confused star joked, as he made his debut. Psst it was not. But don't get it twisted: That didn't make it any less legendary. In fact, if there's anyone who can land 25+ thousand likes on a video of them simply... sitting... on a chair, it's this guy.

Modern Family, TikTok
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Of course, though, he's since learned a thing or two. From playtime with his little man Beckett, to cooking (well, attempting to) in the kitchen, Ferguson's time on TikTok has already been one for the books. But he's not the only one in town.

Modern Family, House, Viral
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That's right, this past week, a different Pritchett also took the lip-syncing world by storm: Baby Lily. Or should we say, 13-year-old dancing queen, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Feel old yet? We're not sure what to address first. The fact that Mitch and Cam's little girl is all grown up. Or the fact that she's now a lot more... lively.


I love billy Joel’s music lol ##fyp ##foryou ##modernfamily

♬ Zanzibar - Billy Joel

From laughing away in a floral dress to bopping around to Billy Joel, Aubrey sure knows how to turn heads. But while she's been on the app since 2019, her online endeavors have since taken her for a loop. "I woke up a few days ago, and I saw that one of my videos blew up," the Modern Family star told tmrw of going viral. "It was insane."

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Modern Family, Cast, Viral
Instagram via @abcmodernfam

Yep, crazy doesn't even sum it up now, does it? But if there's anything we've learned here? The Pritchett family adventures are far from over. Could Haley Dunphy be next to grace our 'For You' page?

We'd stay tuned.