Jeremy Renner & Paul Rudd's Hilarious Snow Plow Shenanigans


| LAST UPDATE 04/14/2023

By Riley Hammond
Paul Rudd Jeremy Renner
Rune Hellestad - Corbis / Contributor via Getty Images

Snow plow accidents, who would have thought that they would be the latest danger to Hollywood's elite? Yes, even tough guys like Jeremy Renner can't avoid them, and January saw him fighting for his life on the hospital bed. However, where there's darkness, there is humor, and thankfully Renner's co-star, Paul Rudd, happened to be around to create some funny moments for him.

Renner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to recount the story of how Rudd had created a fake Cameo video wishing him well while he was recovering, leaving Renner in stitches. For those who haven't heard of Cameo, it's a platform where you can pay to get a personalized message from celebrities. But it wasn't the platform that was the funny part; it was the video that Rudd made, pretending to be a celebrity searching for it. "Anybody knows Cameo?" Jesper said. "Where they can pay money and they get some movie star to say, 'Hey happy birthday.' So he made a fake one, like I paid him for a Cameo." And Rudd, whose sense of humor cannot be underestimated or contained, quipped, "Hey Jerry, I hear you're a little banged up. Got in a fight with a snowblower, apparently?" LOL.

Jeremy Renner Paul Rudd
VCG / Contributor via Getty Images
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Rudd kept the humor going, with a classic quip about Renner's toughness. "Apparently, you're a pretty tough guy," he said, and then added, "Maybe I'll get to meet you one day, and wouldn't that be something? In the meantime, take care and take it easy for a while. And next time, maybe just let the snow melt! Feel better, Jerry!" Renner could not contain his laughter while recalling previous hospital visits where Rudd had come by to boost his spirits. "He came by a couple of times to the hospital and was always just making my day because he's one of the funniest guys around," Renner said, smiling from ear to ear.

Renner has a brand new series Rennervations on Disney+. But even with that impressive gig, he couldn't help but reminisce about the hilarious video that Rudd sent him. So who knew that a snowplow accident could lead to one of the funniest Cameo videos ever made? Maybe it's time for Renner and Rudd to team up for a new comedy movie? I mean, after all, they could call it "The Snow Plow Chronicles" and make us laugh our way out of the winter blues!

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