Jennifer Garner Reveals Hilarious 'Mom Fail'


| LAST UPDATE 03/16/2022

By Lily Tipton
Jennifer Garner, Funny Viral
Raymond Hall/GC Images via Getty Images

The 'send all' feature on our phones may or may not be the most controversial addition to our social networking lives. Seriously, it's useful at times, but we've ALL experienced that sense of overwhelming panic after realizing we have sent a text or email to our entire contact list that was definitely meant for one specific individual. It's good to know that even perfect celebrities like Jennifer Garner can fall victim to the 'send all' trap and be left red in the face. That's what personal assistants are for, Jennifer!

In an interview with James Corden, the Hollywood actress embarrassingly revealed that in an attempt to reply to her daughter's school tutor, she accidentally sent an email to the entire parent group. To make matters worse, Corden had invited one of the many parent recipients to keep Garner comfortable on his couch - none other than fellow famous parent Greg Kinnear. Greg and Jennifer have children in the same class at the unnamed Los Angeles school.

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Explaining the incident to James, Jennifer recalled her amusing attempt to get her child out of a sporting activity. "I had a mom fail. This is true, about to tell you a true story. This is a true confession. So we have kids who do the same activity, and I emailed the coach one weekend, kind of being funny about my kid and saying, 'Well, this one seems to be getting a little womped [struck] this weekend. So what does that mean for tomorrow morning because we have something planned? What does that mean typically?'' Believing the tutor would read the email as a lighthearted query, she pressed send.

Jennifer Garner, Funny Text
BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

Unfortunately for Garner, it was the one time in her life that she accidentally "replied all" - and Greg and his wife, Helen Labdon, were among the many class parents to be entertained by the email. "I do remember this," he admitted. "And I remember thinking Jennifer Garner is a raging lunatic. Sweet enough, but I had no idea." "Did it come off cute and funny and like I'm super chill?" Jennifer prompted her couch buddy. "No, no, no," Greg replied. To this, the Corden audience and Garner herself burst into fits of laughter. And honestly, so did we. Catch Garner in her latest sci-fi family movie, The Adam Project, available now on Netflix.

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