Jennifer Garner Is Ready To Go for Halloween!


| LAST UPDATE 10/25/2022

By Lily Tipton
Jennifer Garner Halloween Costume
Harry How via Getty Images

We may still have a few days to go until the big event, but Jennifer Garner is showing us that she's ready to party! Posting not one but two impressive ghost costumes to her Instagram, the 13 going on 30 star is getting into the Halloween spirit ahead of time. Evoking excitement in us all (and perhaps a tad envy at her preparedness), we're living for Garner's creativity and enthusiasm! Check out her hilariously entertaining footage below!

"Three little ghostesses, sitting on postesses, eating buttered toastesses, greasing their fistesses, up to their wristesses. Oh, what beastesses, to make such feastesses," Jennifer captioned the Instagram clip. In the video, the ghost of Garner happily sat in her kitchen, eating toast and reciting the same poem.

Jennifer Garner Halloween Costume
@jennifer.garner via Instagram
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But of course, the main attraction of the video was Garner's incredible costumes. Starting close to the camera in a purple ghost costume, she smiled ahead as she walked back to the bar stools in her kitchen. With thanks to some special effects, a second Jennifer sat alongside her in a white ghost costume. Then her dog Birdie appeared on the far left stool, dressed in a white ghost costume of his own. Reappearing and disappearing while his owner recited the spooky poem, the clip is a true work of art. Finally, the purple ghost vanished in a puff of smoke, and the white ghost walked toward the camera to wave goodbye. 

Acknowledging that she didn't achieve this look on her own, Garner tagged her very talented makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Reposting the video in response, Stiles penned her own festive caption. "My favorite time of year and my fave tradition..... getting to do Halloween makeup on [Garner]," she wrote. "We've done a mime, a witch, the grandma emoji, a mailbox, a vampire, and now some ghostesses. Birdie wasn't up for a makeup sesh, she went traditional and wore a pillowcase... Also, I love a ghost who wears house slippers." We can't wait to see what the duo dream up for next year's costume!

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