Jennifer Garner Receives Best Birthday Surprise!


| LAST UPDATE 04/20/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Jennifer Garner Birthday Surprise
Amy Sussman via Getty Images for Baby2Baby

No need for Jennifer Garner to travel back in time to her 13th birthday for this childhood dream to come true. The 13 Going on 30 actress got the surprise of a lifetime in celebration of her 50th birthday from a special someone deemed as the "object of my childhood adoration and devotion." So, what was the surprise and who could it be?!

Just a few days before celebrating her birthday, Jennifer Garner was out to lunch when all of a sudden, her childhood crush, Donny Osmond, showed up to wish her a happy 50th! Believe it or not, the birthday festivities began before the singer showed up to surprise her. Gardner first received a personalized e-card from Donny, where he sings to her and wishes her a happy birthday. Already unbelievably cool, but it just gets better. As she watched the video, the "Soldier of Love" singer crept up behind her, cake in hand, singing happy birthday to Jennifer. By this point, Garner is in total shock, but really it just gets better.

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Garner pops up in total disbelief, stands, and hugs him as he gifts her with a cake that reads "13 going on 50." Garner is in proper celeb-shock mode like some would be if we got a surprise from her, and the two sit down at the table together and sing in tandem. The video shows Garner shocked and overwhelmed as she covers her face with a napkin and even loses a layer of clothing! Can you say best birthday surprise ever? "Donny Osmond showed up to knock my purple socks off," Jennifer Garner wrote with the attached video surprise on her Instagram.

Donny Osmond Birthday Surprise
 Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images

As it turns out, the two have shared some playful banter in the past! We love to see it. Garner first exposed her crush in May 2019 after Katie Couric posted a throwback video of The Osmonds singing with Cher, when Garner commented, "My number one biggest crush of all time @donnyosmond," with a lil kissing face emoji. Donny responded shortly after, saying, "Miraculous that those jumpsuits didn't scare you away." The comments continued after Donny acknowledged Garner for being featured in People's annual Beautiful Issue, writing, "Congrats on being featured in @people's #BeautifulIssue 2019, @jennifer.garner. No beauty shines greater than a good heart." And well, folks, the rest is history.

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