Jennifer Aniston's Hilarious Response After Matching Outfits With Harry Styles


| LAST UPDATE 08/08/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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Rachel Green, who? She may have been a style icon for decades now, but Jennifer Aniston just went viral after turning to a different star for fashion inspiration. Well... sort of. Have a look at the Friends actress's recent outfit and the hilarious response she had after viewers realized they'd seen it before...

Jennifer aniston harry styles
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It all started on August 3, when Aniston took to our feeds to announce her latest magazine spread. Only her latest time in InStyle quickly gave viewers a good ol' dose of deja vu. Why? Dressed in a flashy Gucci number (2nd slide, below), her outfit instantly caught our eye: why had the pantsuit looked so familiar? Had we seen it before? (Psst, we had.)

Sure enough, after some online sleuthing, it wasn't long before fans put the pieces together. Another celebrity had indeed also worn the memorable ensemble quite recently: Harry Styles, at the 2021 Brit Awards. Still not ringing a bell? Take a look for yourself...

Harry styles gucci pantsuit
JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

While we can't quite tell you who wore it better (we'll let you be the judge of that one), we can tell you this: Miss Aniston was just as amused as we were about the accidental exchange.  "Just call me Harriet Styles," the blonde beauty joked on the 'gram, alongside a side-by-side of their two matching looks. But this actually isn't the first time she took a page out of the rocker's book.

Jennifer aniston harry matching
Instagram via @jenniferaniston

Well, actually, the other way around: back in October, the One Direction icon was spotted channeling Central Perk’s finest, after sporting a “Save the Drama for Your Mama” tee. If by some chance you’ve already forgot, Jennifer Aniston, too, wore that shirt back in Season 10 of the award-winning series. Could we BE any more amused?

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Jennifer aniston instyle harry
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Safe to say, it may have been over a decade since we said goodbye to Rachel Green, but her memory - and wardrobe, of course - will never be forgotten. "This is eternal. It's not just out there in the ether or on a television set you've passed by, but in our actual bodies — our DNA," as Aniston gushed to InStyle. "It was a unicorn of an experience.. and we created something that landed its little flag on a lot of people's hearts around the world."