Jennifer Aniston Suffers Hilarious Beauty Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 10/11/2022

By Lily Tipton
Jennifer Aniston Fake Tan
@jenniferaniston via Instagram

Oh, the troubles of fake tans: as teenagers, we loved the stuff - the orangy liquid that promised to make us look like we'd just returned home from a long vacation in the Maldives; we couldn't get enough. While we may have walked into school with all sorts of giveaway streaks, it always seemed like a better alternative to walking in with our natural skin color on display. Thankfully, with age comes wisdom as we soon learned how to perfectly prep and care for a spray tan. With all those years being cared for as a star, it seems Jennifer Aniston has forgotten those valuable life lessons she learned back in the day. The result? A hilarious spray tan mishap featured in an even funnier Instagram post...

On Saturday, Aniston took to her Instagram account to share with her 40.7 Million followers some behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming season of The Morning Show. "Almost halfway through filming season 3 of @themorningshow show, sneak peek," she captioned the carousel of photos. As excited as the fans were to catch a glimpse of the production process, it was a video on slide number four that had everyone laughing.  

The Morning Show Apple
Brian Ach via Getty Images for Apple TV+
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Here, Jennifer is seen with her feet in the sink as they are being scrubbed by her makeup artist, Angela Levin. Before fans had the chance to speculate on what exactly was going on, Jennifer looked at the camera to clarify. "Note to self: hands and feet – you must lotion before spray tan; otherwise, you end up with a situation," she explained as she pointed in the direction of the sink. "Oh my god, more than anything!" Levin agreed before the camera gave a close-up of the actress's very yellow feet. "This is what love is," she teased, referring to her very helpful makeup artist. 

Anyone considering a visit to the spray tan salon as winter dawns upon us should take Aniston's words of warning seriously. Hands and feet are the driest part of the body, so they require extra moisturizer before tan application. This will help to avoid any unwanted streaks or patches. Attempt to remove any excess in the shower or sink. Sorry folks, it's likely no one will be doing the scrubbing for you! 

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