Jeff Bezos Responds to Hilarious Video of His Girlfriend with Leonardo DiCaprio


| LAST UPDATE 11/09/2021

By Conner Goodman
jeff bezos leonardo dicaprio
Steve Granitz Contributor via Getty Images

A video of Jeff Bezos's girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, staring at Leonardo DiCaprio with googly eyes has been trending on social media. But, it seems like the Amazon founder didn't find the encounter as amusing as we did. Here's everything you need to know.

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Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

Many will agree about how attractive the The Wolf of Wall Street star is, so who wouldn't want to stare into his eyes? When Sanchez met the Hollywood actor at the LACMA Art and Film Festival, she was caught on video doing just that. During the 6-second long footage, the American news anchor looked captivated by Leo's gaze.

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MANDEL NGAN / Contributor via Getty Images

Take one look at the evidence and you too will see that Bezos seemed to be left out of the interaction that occurred on November 6th. The successful entrepreneur was not oblivious to this fact, as suggested by his reaction on Twitter. Mr. Bezos posted on Monday night, "Leo come over here, I want to show you something..." he said along with a picture of him holding a sign that said, 'Danger! Steep Cliff Fatal Drop.' The subtle warning has gained a lot of attention and has gotten thousands of comments.

The response came after the original video was posted to Barstool Sports Twitter page with the caption "Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl." It has since received over 16 million views. And the comment section was pumping too. One fan wrote, "She's ready to risk it all." another said, "Money can't buy you everything." Many jokes were made about what Bezos will possibly do to the actor, one fan teased, "Your amazon prime membership has been canceled."

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jeff bezos lauren sanchez
Hindustan Times / Contributor via Getty Images

But let's be real, can we really blame her? "If I had a girlfriend and she looked at Leo like that, I would also look at him like that, we cannot deny it, Leonardo DiCaprio is the most beautiful person in the world.” said a Leo fan. .