Jason Momoa Reveals Brutal 'Behind The Scenes' Secret

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For the past few years, he's blessed our screens as Khal on Game Of Thrones. Now, the Hollywood actor is back for his latest drama series, See. And he's sat down for an exclusive interview to promote the new show, which premiered on the 1st.

So naturally, you can bet Jason Momoa revealed some brutal behind-the-scenes secrets. And one in particular is bound to make you cringe...

Yesterday, ITN, a British news company, sat down with Momoa and See co-star, Alfre Woodard, to discuss the Apple TV series. They discussed how mentally and physically challenging the filming was, as they portray a group of blind warriors.

In fact, as they filmed the first episode they 'were up to their shins in water and mud, down in a cave,' Woodard revealed.

But it's what Momoa said later on that truly struck a chord.

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'I know I went through a lot of pain but...you must never want to have children again, right?' Momoa asked Woodard. The actor's comparison of filming to childbirth definitely did not go over well...

The interviewer, James, was taken back, stating, 'Did he just compare it to childbirth!?'

And while Momoa quickly rushed into defensive mode, we too, are definitely taken back.


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Cop the trailer for the sci-fi series above, and be sure to tune in every Friday for the latest episodes.