Jason Bateman Recalls Hilarious Mishap With the King of Pop


| LAST UPDATE 10/04/2022

By Scarlett Adler
Jason Bateman Jimmy Kimmel
Mike Coppola/Staff via Getty Images

Ever heard about the time Jason Bateman almost ran over the King of Pop? Neither did we! But recently, the actor let a lot spill as he joined Jimmy Kimmel in the hot seat. As he revealed, he and his former co-star nearly toppled Michael Jackson over while on the set of Silver Spoons. Talk about a Thriller of a time. Here's what he shared.

While filming the 80s TV show, Bateman and Schroder were given bikes to occupy the kids on the Universal lot. As the Ozark actor put it, “kids gotta play.” He then noted that Jackson was visiting the set because he was a fan of the show, but as he approached the stage, the two zoomed past him, nearly knocking him over! Kimmel hilariously asked if Jackson had “moonwalked out of the way?” To which Bateman replied, “Nice. This is talk show quick!” As the segment continued, Kimmel continued asking Bateman about other 80s stars he was familiar with.

Will Arnett Jason Bateman
@seanhayes via Instagram
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The two also talked about the classic LA vs. NY debate, Bateman’s father’s advice the first time he visited the Big Apple, and David Letterman. For those who forgot - Bateman hosted the comedy legend on his podcast SmartLess recently when they did live recordings in New York City. Bateman was unsure if Letterman had remembered him, so he mentioned how great it was to be on the former late-night host’s show. That was when Letterman joked that it was better for the Arrested Development actor than for Letterman himself because Bateman was super chatty. Letterman described him as “the most long-winded guy on a talk show.” They even had to change the commercial times because of how much the actor talked! LOL.

Safe to say, Bateman might have just found his calling in podcasting! The actor hosts the podcast alongside Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. The concept is that each host will invite a mysterious guest each episode, and they all share experiences and have hilarious yet thoughtful conversations. Bateman was part of Kimmel’s New York City tour, where the host did a week of shows in the city that never sleeps. It was recently announced that his series would return for three more seasons. That means more Kimmel... and hopefully more hilarious celebrity tales! Stay tuned.

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