James Family Impersonates LeBron in Hilarious TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 11/01/2023

By Riley Hammond
LeBron James TikTok hilarious
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LeBron James may be a basketball legend, but it turns out his family knows him better than anyone else. In a hilarious TikTok posted by Beats, the whole James family - Savannah, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri - took their shot at impersonating the King.

It was 19-year-old chip Bronny who started the impersonation skit. He pounded his chest and let out a yell that reminds us all of the mighty LeBron, setting the stage for their hilariously epic imitation. "I'm leaving for my 5 a.m. workout," he declared in a voice that sounded a little too similar to his dad's. "I'm finna come home, take a two-hour nap, you know, go back to the gym at like 5 p.m. And then have some ice cream and go to sleep." And that's when Bryce jumped in with a pretty good imitation of LeBron's facial expressions that could've fooled even the refs. And if you think Savannah was going to just stand by and watch all the fun take place without her, think again. She busted out some dance moves that might even be better than her father's, we're not gonna lie.

LeBron James funny TikTok
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The family nailed every little detail of LeBron's daily routine. The James clan are all now official brand ambassadors for Beats. LeBron himself has been working with the headphone giant since 2008, and even young Bronny joined the team as Beats' first high school athlete back in 2022. And the entire show was part of Beats' latest campaign where the family used their headphones to boost LeBron's motivation and gear him up for game day. The Lakers star couldn't be prouder of the family's partnership with Beats. In a press release, he gushed, "It's a pretty special thing to see how this partnership has grown with our family over the years. It's a blessing for me to share the stage with them, and with a brand that's been part of our lives since we started this journey. Family means everything to me!"

@beatsbydre It’s like they know him or something #JamesGang #LeBronJames #BronnyJames #BeatsbyDre #BeatsStudioPro ♬ original sound - Beats by Dre

The hilarious TikTok has garnered more than 300,000 likes so far, and has left users in the comments section in stitches. Looks like LeBron James is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the court. Stay tuned for more hilarious celebrity news from the internet!

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