James Corden Says Carpool Karaoke Is Being Put on Pause for 'a While'

Taran Underwood

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James Corden has confirmed that it could take some time before we get another Carpool Karaoke session. The British telly personality shared the disappointing news during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he explained that owing to the coronavirus pandemic, it's simply not possible to film, even virtually.


During his interview with Ellen, she asked: "You have 'Carpool Karaoke' and that seems like that's going to be a long time away, right?" To which Corden replied: "I think it'll be a while before we're singing in a car with anybody. Yes. So yeah, we can't really think of a remote way to do it. It really does rely on two people being in close proximity."


James also admitted to experiencing random waves of anxiety. He said, "I think we're all experiencing those spikes of anxiety. Whenever I find myself getting like that, I just start to think of the day, whenever that may be, when it will be safe to go out again, safe to go out, dance around your audience and it's safe for me to get in a car with someone. I think it's going to be the greatest boom of joy we've ever experienced."

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He continued, "So, whenever I find myself or me and my wife, or particularly our kids, thinking, 'Oh man. This is tough,' you just go, 'Well, right around the corner there's going to be, I think, a glorious - I have no idea how long away that is, but I think it will be spectacular." We couldn't agree more!