Jake Paul Bet His Own House On Boxing Match Against AnEsonGib

Taran Underwood

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YouTuber Jake Paul has got our attention. He said that he would bet his entire house on his fight against AnEsonGib, making their upcoming boxing match a whole lot more interesting.

He may or may not have forgotten that Team 10 (a group of aspiring social influencers who live with Paul) are going to be affected by this bet. They may just have to look for a new place to live pretty soon. Just like fellow YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI also had their turn in the boxing ring, now it's up to Jake and AnEsonGib.

Fans are also making risky bets. One fan told Jake that he went ahead and bet two different people $100 that Jake would take home the gold (and his home). This only encouraged Jake even further because he then responded with a picture of the Team 10 house. '

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He wrote on Instagram: "If you were smart, you would bet your whole house on it like me."

Responding to another fan, he ripped into Logan's coach Shannon Briggs. He posted: "My coach who is a legend @ShaneMosley but who is also very humble & realistic thinks I take him out in the 3rd [round] and he knows boxing like the back of his hand."

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He sounds pretty confident considering his older brother, Logan Paul, lost miserably to YouTuber KSI in a boxing match held at Staples Center in Los Angeles. KSI said: "I've never worked so hard. In the ring, in camp it was tough but I just kept going. I was ready, I was on fire. He couldn't deal with my jabs to the body tonight."

Logan, now 23, admitted to suffering from a serious injury after his match with KSI. The fight turned out to be a lot more dangerous than he thought. He explained that when he was only 7 years old he had a skull fracture and after the match, he now has a titanium plate in his head. He went to a doctor to find out why he felt, as he so delicately puts it, "so 'f***ed up."

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He also wanted to have a general check-up that could maybe explain to him why he acts the way he does, why he is so emotionally unavailable and why he is 'incapable of maintaining a committed relationship'. Once he had the scan, they found that he had damaged his pre-frontal cortex which deals with planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision-making and moderating social behavior.

Let's hope his brother has better luck...