Jack Black: Comedian & Body Builder?


| LAST UPDATE 10/10/2021

By Scarlett Adler

Jack Black ain't exactly known for his six pack or ripped physique. But he's about to be...or at least trying to. Over the weekend, The School Of Rock star took to a YouTube video to share his latest resolution, which included 'kicking *ss' and 'getting ripped'.

"It's 2020, a new day is dawning, I'm 50 years old. It's time to whip myself into shape. I'm on the back nine of my career - back nine of my life," the comedian explained.

The 50 year-old actor means business. He's hired renowned celebrity trainer, Mark Wildman who'll hopefully help him reach his goal of losing 25 pounds. Currently clocking in at 5'7 and 240 lbs, Black and his coach believe the goal is very doable.

That doesn't mean he's not hating every minute of it, though. "I was playing it cool back there, but I don't know if I'm built for this s***. My legs are like spaghetti, I'm trembling, I'm spasming. I'm just a sack of potatoes," Black revealed after finally leaving the gym.


Despite the struggle, Black's got some pretty big ambitions. "I'm comin' for you (Chris) Hemsworth. I'm gon' get ripped," he promised.

So, until that day happens (or doesn't), stay tuned for all of the latest updates, as we follow along on his inspiring journey.

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