J.Lo Trolls Ben Affleck’s ‘Happy Face’ After Grammys Meme


| LAST UPDATE 02/12/2023

By Riley Hammond
Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck
Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

J.Lo and her husband prove true love isn't just about sharing the good times - it's also having a laugh at each other! She used his pouty expression to promote his new film Air – and left social media users in hysterics...

Who says Jennifer Lopez isn't a funny gal? After catching wind of all the buzz surrounding Ben Affleck's less-than-enthusiastic reaction to this year's Grammys, J.Lo decided - why not join in on the joke?! She took to Instagram to post a trailer for her hubby's latest movie with an accompanying photo of his 'happy face.' Yes - that pouty frown definitely screams excitement! Pranksters have been having a blast at Ben Affleck's expense lately - just days after he was seen sitting stone-faced beside his wife, Jennifer Lopez, at the 2023 Grammys! The hilarious video has now surfaced to add even more fuel to the fire.

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Needless to say, J.Lo's post had her fans in stitches! They couldn't help but let their reactions be known by hopping into the comments section and cracking up over her hilarious sense of humor. One user wrote, "Crying at the caption in the video," while another commented, "The clap back 😂😂😂." Another fan even said, "HAHAHAHAH Jennifer thank god you have a sense of humor!" We couldn't agree more. Fans couldn't help but notice that the Justice League star gave off major 'just-gimme-a-cigarette' vibes. Seriously - it seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else other than on the Grammys. LOL. A few even joked that he'd probably rather be enjoying a tall cup of Dunkin' coffee and spending some quality time with his friends down at the pub!

Ben Affleck Grammys Meme
Johnny Nunez / Contributor via Getty Images

In January, Jenny From the Block took a break from her turf in Cali to join her husband, Ben Affleck, at Dunkin' Drive-Thru, handing out beverages to customers in Medford, Massachusetts. According to People, the pair had teamed up with Dunkin' and were shooting a commercial - set to air at the 2023 Super Bowl. On February 9th, they released a snippet of audio from their shoot - think Ben Affleck with his best Boston twang poking fun at the famously unique accent! The caption on the post read, "instead of wondering what could have been, we started wondering what could have Ben." LOL. 

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