Inside Drake's Quarantine Dance That's Just Broken The Tik-Tok World

Scarlett Adler

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Remember those three words spoken by socialite, Kylie Jenner? You know, the ones that broke the online world, cementing itself as an overnight sensation with endless memes?

"Rise and Shine!"

That's right, back in the fall, it was a regular night in the Kardashian heiress's household as she put her baby, Stormy to bed. Only what followed was nothing Jenner could've ever expected.

Her hilarious 'song' landed itself overnight fame, and we thought we'd officially seen it all. Only we hadn't, and Drake is here to remind us of that.

During these times of self-isolation, you may have taken to the comforts of the Tik-Tok realm to ease the boredom spells. Well, even if you haven't, I've got a feeling you'll be hearing a lot about Tik-Tok's newest obsession (sorry, Kylie).

Dubbed  #ToosieSlide, the viral dance has rapidly landed itself over three million views on Tik-Tok, and I've got a feeling you'll be joining in on the fun as well.

It all started when Drake was left searching for an accompanying dance to his latest track, Toosie Slide: "Everybody was contributing little moves, and slowly but surely, we started piecing it together … Drake fell in love with it. He was like, ‘Y’all are the greatest, man. This is it!'" Atlanta choreographer, Toosie, told GQ.