How Did This Beloved Children's Character End Up On 'Game of Thrones'?

Taran Underwood

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The world has no shortage of Game of Thrones enthusiasts ready to try and analyze what it all means. And while there's for sure a lot to to learn about human nature and political subterfuge from the inner working of the show, you wouldn't expect any life lessons for children to be learned from a show where people get burned alive pretty regularly. But apparently that is what's happening in this clip that was just released by Sesame Street. It involves three very big TV characters, one of whom is a puppet.

Yes, that's Tyrion Lannister, you know, the guy who murdered his father, and Cersei Lannister, the woman who had three children with her other brother, being joined by Elmo. Yes, Elmo. From Sesame Street. A show that is now on HBO and is therefore apparently eligible for crossovers like this one, which no one can handle. We were not prepared. They even made a hashtag.

Okay! Well, we hope all the very young children who see this and suddenly want to watch Game of Thrones remember this lesson when their parents throw themselves in front of the TV to stop it. Listen kids, even if Elmo *is* on the show, you don't wanna find out what's probably gonna happen to him.

Okay come on, Elmo is clearly dressed as a knight in this clip, so he'd be Sir Elmo, because frankly there's no way he could run his own holdfast. First of all, he's an actual child. And not only would that be unfair to him, it'd be dangerous considering what happened to the last child lord we saw on this show.

No one knows why this happened or who it's for. It's a lesson for kids being taught in a fictional world that is extremely hostile to children (and, well, everyone.) It's possible this is meant for adults, but as cute as he is, adults don't always take Elmo very seriously.

This is what we call a "horrifying revelation" and "the reason a child will end up in a lot of therapy sessions as an adult." While we can always hope a 4 year old just doesn't quite get or care about what's going on, it's hard for anyone to unsee all those public executions. Especially the fire ones.

See and now a whole other can of worms has officially been opened up, and fans are now demanding Elmo be incorporated into the series. Even though he would be a benevolent ruler, we've all seen what happens to nice people in Westeros. The weirdest part about that clip was how Cersei didn't murder Elmo immediately.

It's not that this is the worst ending someone could think of, it's just that it's the worst ending that could possibly exist. Again, Elmo would be a great ruler, but what happens if the power goes to his head? What if the red woman gets to him?? Imagine a mad king who is also a puppet.


Enough said.