Hilary Swank Is Making a Big Comeback

Taran Underwood

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Getty Images via Neilson Barnard

Hilary Swank has always been a Hollywood favorite, and we've greatly missed her the last few years as she took a bit of a break from acting. However, this beauty's opened up about the reason for hiatus, and she's ready to make a comeback!

Hollywood Favorite Hilary Swank
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Hilary explained that she planned to take a year off to care for her father, who underwent a lung transplant. "I became my dad's health advocate. One year quickly turned into two, and then three," she said. "And thank God, prayers were answered. He is healthy and doing really well five-plus years later."

During her time with her family, Swank learned the importance of "honoring what it is that you need for yourself, and doing it." She's devoted time every day for exercise, as she's found this to be an unbelievable outlet and stress reliever, she told Health Magazine.

Hilary also revealed some exciting news that she'll be starring in a new Netflix series, Away, which will be released in September. The show takes place in the future, where she embarks on the first human-led trip to Mars.

"I wanted to be an astronaut before I wanted to be an actor, which was about the age of 9," Hilary explained. "It still has the same feeling for me now as it did then, the whole idea of something bigger than us and the unknown."

Netflix Series Hilary Swank
Diyah Pera via Netflix

"I still would love to go to space someday, but being an actor and playing an astronaut is second best." We can't wait to watch Hilary live out her dream on screen, and we're excited to see what else is in store for this Hollywood icon.