Hilarious Twitter Reactions to the 2021 Met Gala


| LAST UPDATE 09/14/2021

By Kayla Black
met gala twitter reactions
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And just like that, the Met Gala has come and gone, which means the real fun has begun: sifting through all the hilarious Twitter reactions. And we've done the heavy lifting for you, so sit back and get ready to laugh!

funny met gala reactions
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As many of us know, art - and fashion included - is subjective. And some Twitter uses found humor in the red carpet looks from this year's Met Gala. For those needing a refresher, this year's theme was titled, "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," and included some bold fashion choices and fresh new faces at the event. But one person, in particular, has gained a lot of attention for her outfit: Kim Kardashian. The Met Gala veteran went for a black spandex piece crafted by Balenciaga and included a full face covering that revealed nothing more than her long ponytail. And safe to say that people had some hilarious takes to share.

The former KUWTK star also got some jokes thrown her way after fans learned that under the black facemask she was rocking a full face of makeup. From comparisons to J.K. Rowling's Death Eaters to hilarious memes recreating Kim's hindered vision, the Hollywood celeb sure made noise from her appearance.

Another popular theme among the attendees this year was some... interesting accessory choices. From horse masks to swords and green baby robots, several celebrities put the pedal to the metal in making bold fashion statements. Just ask ASAP Rocky, who also got some jokes thrown his way after he sported a quilted blanket on the red carpet. "Asap Rocky looks like he was dragged out of bed to come to the #MetGala," one Twitter user wrote.

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met gala memes 2021
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

Safe to say that this year's high fashion event has served some bold looks and hilarious laughs. Be sure to check back soon for more of the internet's funniest moments. We're sure there's more where that came from.